About Us

We are a small company that manufactures hydraulic components, some of which were originally produced by Smiths Industries Hydraulics of Witney. Our range covers Hand pumps, Flow controls and Gear pumps. We also have the facilities to offer customer specific components. Our staff are predominentally Ex-Smiths employees and we have a large pool of historic knowledge.

Although we are continuing with the Smiths range we have developed, and are continuing to develop, new products such as Dual speed HiP Hand pumps and Integral gear Pumps. We supply to a diverse market inclusive of Patient & Materials handling, Rail and F1 Racing companies. We are also global, supplying America, Europe and Australia.

Our components are performance tested on temperature controlled , Computerised test rigs. All new products are rigorously tested on powered continuous and cyclic endurance test rigs as well as performance testing.

Gear pumps can also be dynamically Torque tested.

In-House Honing, Grinding and CNC Milling capability giving us direct control on new developments and Modifications.

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Sunday , 18 Mar 2018