Flow Control Valves

Pressure Regulated Flow Controls
As well as producing the pressure compensated Flow Cartridges originally produced at Smiths Hydraulics we also have a variety of other pressure compensated flow regulators. We are also continuing with their colour coding system which has been adopted by other members of the Hydraulics Industry as a standard. The flow range is from 0.5 L/Min to 16.0 L/Min. The Setting is dynamically induced thereby ensuring good mean value control. Overall standard setting is +-10% of full flow although +-5% can be requested.

Flow Cartridges which are the heart of the flow controls, can be acquired separatley. They can also be mounted internally in the customers own cavity. These have colour coded ends to indicate the Flow setting of the unit.

A104011-1-SER (Jan 2008)

A104012-1-SER (Feb 2009)
G1/4 threaded FCV
0.5 - 16 L/min Flows

G1/4 & G3/8 Banjo FCV's
Replaces std. Banjo bolt
0.5 - 16 L/min Flows


A104013-1-SER (Dec 2008)
Free return FCV Cartridge
Allows free return of oil
eliminating back pressure due to orifice
reducing energy consumption
0.5 - 16 L/min Flows

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